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Samuel Packaging System Group engineered systems and machines provide uniform strap placement and load integrity for high production applications. Our systems provide top-quality load performance while having the ability to be integrated into existing or new production lines and provide a complete packaging solution for your business.

Metal Industry 

Coil Wrapping System 


  • We custom design wrapping equipment for your application. These systems are capable of applying your choice of packaging material at speeds of up to 20 coils per hour. 
  • Low start up and commissioning costs
  • Edge protection applicator is available for either cardboard or plastic
  • 4 arc sizes available to wrap different sized coils
  • Ability to wrap an 80” OD coil in under 3.5 minutes
  • Electric powered – no hydraulics or pneumatics
  • Ability to add blocker rolls as needed
  • Can run up to 3 shuttles simultaneously

Equipment Solutions for Integrated Coil Mills

Advantages of the TIG Weld Joint

  • Maximum safety with a double welded joint (two weld locations), providing seal performances up to 90% of the breaking load of the strapping
  • Top platen safety pins support the weight of the raised top platen during service workElectronically controlled welding operation provides full weld-penetration on painted strapping
  • No transfer of heat onto the package during welding
  • Flat seal joint allows strap on strap applications and ensure joint integrity even with crushing damage caused by handling
  • Meets AAR and ASTM standards

Sheet Splitter


  • Enables efficient splitting of bulk stacked steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel sheets into customer orders
  • Photo sensors prevent the machine from contacting or striking the material
  • Emergency stop circuit, safety pull cords and two hand control ensure operator safety
  • Urethane rollers and synchronized motions allow for handling of surface-critical material
  • All motions are powered by a low-maintenance electric drive
  • Increases potential productivity by over 20%
  • Process decreases the chance of damaged products due to surface scratching and mishandling
  • Splitter is rated to handle loads of up to 5,000 pounds
  • Sheets up to 12ft long and 6ft wide can be split

Ingot Strapping Machine with Robotic Stacking System


  • Fully integrated Robotic Ingot Stacking and Strapping work cell with Fanuc Robot and Fromm MH600 Strapping Head
  • Automatic strapper with bayonet, lifting device, and integrated weigh-scale
  • MH600 strapping head feed and take up functions controlled with variable frequency drive and analog tension control
  • Fanuc Model M-410iB/450 Robot with Samuel-designed and built end-of-arm tooling to stack hot ingots at high speed
  • Machine can be equipped with MH600 head friction seal and VK-30M head for heat seal joints for polyester strap. Machine can also be equipped with VS series heads for steel strapping
  • Comprehensive safety system for robotic cell and strapping system
  • Temperatures at stacking cell of greater than 180 degrees C (355 degrees F)
  • CD12SJ dispensers for 300lbs polyester coils

Samuel SMS-B10 And SMS-BC10 Strapping Machines


  • Rugged structural steel tube makes it the strongest and heaviest in its class
  • Cam follower guidance for positive platen motion and maintenance free operation
  • Self contained hydraulic power for smooth controlled movement
  • Allen-Bradley Compact logic based control system with diagnostics options available
  • Automatic operation and service lockout at control panel
  • VS32 spot weld strapping head with a reliable TIG welding system provides the best available seal joint efficiency and uses less moving parts than other systems
  • Hydraulic power provided by high-efficiency, whisper quiet variable displacement pump system
  • Modular design concept allows greater flexibility for custom applications and open modular head design allows for easy maintenance

Coil to Pallet Wrapping


Steel and Aluminum Strip Mills

  • Coils eye to the sky
  • Coils on a pallet
  • Use film to create a rope
  • Attach pallet to coil
  • Continue to wrap coil

Equipment Offered

  • Coil up-ender
  • Conveyance
  • Roping wrapper
  • Weigh scale
  • Print and apply labeler
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